Work Fields

We focus on a complete solution for your organization. This integration extensively exploits all opportunities. This is realized through the introduction, streamlining, or enhancing of computer-oriented and communication-intensive processes.

We support your solution with the following services:

  • Organizational and Structural Evaluation - Studies and support for the implementation of necessary changes.

  • Computer Hardware & Software Support - Selection of systems components as well as installation and implementation of new components.

  • Security Consultation & Implementation. - Selection of components (especially regarding the Internet).

  • Network Consultation & Training - Software and hardware.

  • Communication Troubleshooting & Development - Individual solutions with the focusing on your network, intranet, e-mail, and the Internet.

  • Web Site Conception & Design - Integration of structures and processes with your company.
  • Electronic Form Development - Web pages, faxes, letters, questionnaires, and their optimal integration into the organization of processes and in project management. Types of forms include HTML,  templates for MS Office applications, and MS Project.

  • Database Application Development - Custom made for specific areas of operation and embedded in your intranet, or the Internet.
  • Data Structuring & Organization - Development, implementation and constant improvement of directory structures and file hierarchies. This focuses on business processes and interrelation between group structures. Creation of business- and functional-oriented workgroups in company networks, intra- and extranets.

  • Knowledge Management - Creation of structures and work environments (knowledge bases) which support the presentation and production of information within your organization.


We develop custom-made applications for:

  • Project Tracking - Large-scale projects in mechanical engineering.

  • Employment Administration and Control

  • Human Resources Planning

  • Quality Assurance and Maintenance Supervision

  • Web-Based Information Systems - For your intranet, extranet, or the Internet, interactive with knowledge-bases, toolboxes.


  • Intra-Company Information Applications Development - Based on an Intranet and utilizing forums and knowledge bases. They include elements not only to present knowledge, but also to use this knowledge effectively. In order to avoid data graveyards it is necessary to implement structures and machines which amplify the human reception and navigation.

  • Complete Internet Presence Creation

  • Security Solutions and Applications
  • Virtual Office Development